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Featured Listing Pricing

Featuring a single listing until its rented: $29.95 including taxes. 

Contact Us For Information On Purchasing Several Credits at a Discount.

Pre-purchasing 10 credits (10 single featured listings): $270.00  including taxes (1 free listing!)

Pre-purchasing 25 credits (25 single featured listings) 25 credits: $628.95 including taxes (4 free listings!)

Pre-purchasing 50 credits (50 single featured listings) 50 credits $1198.00 including taxes (10 Free Listings!)

Pre-purchasing 100 credits (100 single featured listings) 100 credits $2246.25 including taxes (25 Free Listings!)

Credit purchases:

Each credit corresponds to one listing added to - credits do not expire, and are not activated until a listing is added. Once a listing is added, 1 credit will be deducted from your account.

*All prices are in Canadian dollars.